Troubleshoot Brother Printer Offline Mac Issue [Solution]

When you open the document on your Mac and give print command to your Brother printer for printing, then for some reason your printer doesn’t respond or doesn’t print anything. There could be various reasons for printer not printing; one most common reason for not getting the printout is printer says offline. In this blog-post you will get the effective troubleshooting guidelines for Brother Printer Offline Mac issue. If the printer is not connected to the Wi-Fi network or the USB cable is not secured, this is the cause why your Brother printer says offline during print job.

Sometimes this can also happens even when the connection is secured and the printer is on wireless network. What could do at that point? So, here we suggest you to stop taking tension and go through the provided information.

Surely, you will get the right solution of your printer regarding problem. Trust me! When you read this blog, you will find that, it is very easy and simple to bring your Offline Brother Printer to Online. Hence, ready get set go!


Solutions To Fix Brother Printer Offline Mac Issue

One-by-one strictly follows the given solutions and makes your offline Brother Printer online very easily. Lets’ begin the resolution:


Make Sure Brother Printer Is Powered-On And USB Cables Are Connected Properly

Check the Printer’s front screen. If the printer’s screen is blank, then your Brother Printer is definitely turned-off. Make sure that the USB cable is connected securely and printer is getting power from outlet. Press the “Power” button again to turn the printer ON back or making it in active mode from sleep mode.


Ensure That The Paper Is Not Jammed

Paper jamming is also the one cause of confronting printer offline issue. So, make sure the bother machine has limited paper loaded into the tray and they are aligned properly. Also replace the Ink cartridges in case you are seeing low ink or empty ink error message.


Check The Brother Printer Whether It Is Default

If you are using a Brother Printer device for printing solution, then Brother Printer must be selected as default printer. So, just check it out by following the given procedure:

  1. Go to “Brother” menu and select System Preferences
  2. Now, choose the option “Open Printers and Scanners” and check if your Brother Printer is set as the default printer. If it is not selected as default printer, set it from the drop down menu at the right side.


Delete The Entire Print Jobs

Open “Printers and Scanners” from visiting the “System preferences” section and choose your Brother Printer from the given list. Right click on “Open Print Queue” button and chose the print job and delete it. You can keep clicking on the “x” sign on the right to delete all print jobs.


Resume The Paused Brother Printer

  1. Click on the Brother Printer’s icon and tap “Open Print Queue…”then verify the printer status.
  2. You will see the option “Resume” or “Resume Printer” icon at the top tool menu bar if the printer went to sleep or out of paper during printing, or it turned off. Click on that “Resume” or “Resume Printer” button. If you have tried so far but still confronting offline issue, then move on to the next few possible solution.


Re-Install The Brother Printer

If the Brother Printer haven’t installed properly on Mac, then try to reinstall it. Do the same by following the noted points:

  1. Open System preferences, choose the Brother Printer you are having trouble with, and then click [-] sign at the bottom of the list to remove the printer.
  2. Now, add it again by click on [+] sign. If you are unable to see your printer thereafter, it means the printer is either not connected to Wi-Fi or it is not a secured USB cable.
  3. After that, turn the Printer off and on again; plug the USB cable into the outlet properly if you use a wired connection. Restart your Mac and try to add the printer again.


Obtain Reliable Brother Printer Support For Assistance

The above written information is enough to bring your printer online from being Brother Printer Offline On Mac. If yet you are not able to fix the printer offline issue, then don’t be worried as we have Brother Printer Support who will connect you through phone call and direct you all the offline fixing process in a cost-effective manner. You will surely satisfied with our proffered service.

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