Brother printer not printing? Try these basic steps

Is your brother printer not printing? Don’t worry as we will help you to fix the issue so that you can get back to work. There are a few basic things that you can do initially if your printer won’t print. These points might come across as way too elementary to you but the truth is that they are often overlooked.

The bright side is you can get your printer back in business just by checking these minor details. First of all, you need to make sure that your printer and the system are connected to the same wifi connection. The basic thing, right? Many people make a mistake here only.

You should also see if the wires are connected properly or not because if the USB cables are loose then it won’t help in printing. Therefore, make sure that the USB cables are connected well both to the system and the printer. While you are at it, make sure that the power source is turned on as well.

Many of you will get a solution in the initial stage only. If you don’t then there is nothing to worry about as we will be helping you out with the advanced resolutions as well which you can execute all by yourself.


Printer won’t print even when it is connected to Wifi? Try this!

If you have tried the basic steps and your printer is connected to wifi but your printer won’t print then it is time to get to the technical solution. It might seem tough at first but once you do the troubleshooting, you will realize how easy it is.

Firstly, check these things before proceeding to a solution:

  • When you don’t use your printer for a long time, dust particles get collected in the printer which will naturally cause trouble. One of them is paper jam issues. Check the slot and clean it with a soft cloth and remove any bits of paper that you come across
  • Make sure that you check the ink level of the cartridges. If they have inadequate or no ink, then your printer definitely won’t print as it requires a replacement to function
  • You might be surprised to know but if you fill the cartridge beyond the ink level then it causes problems as well. It will overflow and block the printhead which will refrain you from printing
  • Check the paper that you are feeding to the printer. If they are not of the recommended size or in the proper condition or have curls then printer rollers will reject it and the printer won’t print. Therefore, always make sure that the paper is not folded from the corner and it has the right dimensions.


Ways to fix printer won’t print issue!

Once you have made sure of these basic possibilities of the error but still have not been in luck then it is time to check out these methods to fix the printer won’t print issue:

  • Make sure that you have your brother printer as the default printer. In order to do it, press the Windows key and R simultaneously. Type control panel and hit enter in the run box. Select devices and printers and then right-click on the option that says brother printer. Select ‘Set as default printer’ from the menu and then verify the status by refreshing the system. Once it has been set as default, try printing a file.
  • There might also be a possibility that you are using a driver that is outdated or not compatible with the printer. In order to rectify it, install the latest version of the driver, and then try printing again. Navigate to the control panel then select devices and printers. From there select ‘add printer’ and in the next window select ‘add printer’ then select brother printer. Navigate to select printer port and then you can add the driver there. You can either add it from the CD that came with the printer or by visiting the brother printer’s official website. Click on ‘Finish’ upon completion and then try to print.
  • Your printer won’t print if you have given a number of commands. If this is the case then you will be required to cancel all printing jobs and then give a fresh one. You can do it by clicking on the brother printer’s icon and then select ‘see what’s printing’. Click on cancel all documents and if you see it unavailable then choose open as an admin. Enter the password to clear the queue and then give a fresh command.


Is Brother printer not printing black? Know the reason why!

Is Brother printer not printing black? There could be a number of reasons behind this error but you don’t have to worry about anything as you can get your printer to print black by trying some easy methods.


See if the breather tape has been removed or not

Breather tape is also known as the shipping tape which must be removed before you install the cartridge. If you forget to take it off then the ink stays sealed in the cartridge which won’t let you print in any situation.


Get a new cartridge before the old one runs dry

If you are one of those people who tend to use the cartridge till the very last drop of it then you are no stranger to this error. As soon as you see the warning sign which says that the black cartridge is low on ink then do take it into consideration.

I know we all want value for money but when there is little or no ink left in the cartridge then air starts to get in the nozzle which will block it and you won’t be able to print in black.

If you keep on using it then the air will dry out the remaining ink and in the worse of situations, it will damage your printhead permanently and the money that you tried to save by using an old cartridge will cost you even a bigger loss.


CISS system

If your printer comes with a CISS then there is a high risk of the printhead getting jammed. This could happen because of low-quality ink, tanks not being mixed which lets the deposit gather at the bottom. All these factors can contribute to the printer, not printing black.


Weak purge pump

The purge pump is a device that makes a sound when you install a fresh cartridge. Its main job is to prime the new cartridge by extracting the ink from the cartridge and passing it to the printhead and then finally out of the print nozzles then in the waste pad.

If it is in working condition then you won’t have any trouble with printing but if it is faulty then it will have a direct impact on the ink flow which won’t let you print.


Learn how to fix Brother Printer won’t print black issue

If you want to print Brother Printer won’t print black issues then there are few things that you can do to handle the situation from your end. They are:


Print on a regular basis

When you don’t print regularly then the ink gets stuck in one place which causes a blockage in the nozzle. Therefore, you must print on a regular basis so that the ink flows persistently through the printhead which won’t let the nozzle dry out and then end up getting blocked.


Keep the printer at a cool place

If your printer is kept near a window or an electric appliance then the chances of the ink getting thickened in the printhead increases. Therefore, it is advised to keep the printer at a cool place so that the temperature of the ink makes it stay in a liquid state only.


Use high-quality cartridges

Lastly, it is very important to use a high-quality generic cartridge as the quality ink is designed to not only provide printouts with amazing quality but also comes with such a chemical formula that will not congest the print nozzles.


If you take care of these things then you will be able to handle the printer won’t print black issues all by yourself. If you face any trouble then do feel free to get in touch with us.

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