Steps to Factory Reset Brother Printer and Fix Common Issues

A Brother printer is used in various settings. It’s a high-quality printer that helps people fulfill several of their printing needs. But sometimes, the printer needs to be reset for its efficient working. You must know the correct method to factory reset Brother printer as it will allow you to eliminate minor issues in it.

Whenever you find your Brother printing device not printing well, you can try this method of factory reset and fix it. But for those who do not have a technical background, it can be a bit tough to factory reset their Brother printer on their own.


The process to Factory Reset Brother Printer

To start with the procedure to reset Brother printing to factory settings you should switch off the printing device and take away the cord from its wall outlet. Now, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Close the cover and all lids of the printer.
  2. Plug back the power cord into your wall outlet.
  3. Now, on the control panel of the printer, long-press the ‘Go’ button.
  4. When you are pressing the ‘Go’ button, you need to simultaneously press the power button also. Wait for some time till the printing device receives a power-up.
  5. Now, release the ‘Go’ button. Wait for some time till the indicators stop blinking.
  6. When the LED is reactive, press for six times, the button ‘Go.’ Now you know how to reset Brother printer to factory settings. Follow these steps whenever the need arises for you to bring back your printing device to default factory settings.


What To Do If You Cannot Perform the Factory Reset?

Sometimes, users cannot perform the factory reset on their Brother printer. Don’t worry if you can’t do so. You can follow the alternative steps to Brother printer factory reset.

  1. Start by pressing the UP or DOWN arrow keys and choose the ‘Network’ option through it.
  2. After that, press ‘OK.’
  3. Now hit the UP or DOWN arrow keys again and select the option of ‘Network Reset.’ Then hit ‘OK.’
  4. Next, hit the UP arrow key to choose ‘Yes.’ Your Brother printing machine will restart.


The process to Do a Hard Reset on Your Brother Printer.

Often, you can notice an issue with your brother printer cartridge while you are printing. It will display errors when it reads documents. You can also face connectivity issues. You can fix this problem by undertaking a hard reset of the Brother printer.

This method resolves various issues related to getting quality prints. The process of hard reset of the Brother printer is mentioned below.

  1. Firstly, switch off the button of power. Follow t by unplugging the cords from your printing device.
  2. After that, just wait for a couple of minutes. Then plug all the power cords in the socket. Power the printer back up.
  3. Apart from that, wait for the printer cartridges to center. Then try to print again.
  4. If you encounter the same problem, the best option is to reset your Brother printer to its default settings.
  5. Navigate to the section of ‘Tools’ from the menu. From there, execute the process of reset.

Thus, you can perform a hard reset efficiently on your Brother printing device. Contact professional Brother printer support if you find it difficult to do or cannot follow the steps.

The experts will help you resolve any kind of glitch you are facing in your Brother printing device.


Steps to Reset Brother Printer to Its Default Settings

It’s easy to reset the Brother printer to its default settings. All you require to know is the correct buttons to press on the printer. Follow the steps below to execute this process.

  1. Start pressing the ‘Menu’ button on your Brother printing device.
  2. Now, to reach the option of ‘Initial Setup, ’ press the arrow button. When you locate it, press ‘OK.’
  3. Now, to reach the ‘Reset’ option, press the arrow button. After finding it, press ‘OK.’
  4. When you use the arrow buttons, you will be required to choose the reset type you desire to perform on your printing device. Hit the ‘OK’ button. That’s it. You have successfully reset the printer to its default settings.


Final Words

After knowing how to factory reset the Brother printer, you can independently get rid of various minor technical glitches. The stepwise instructions will allow you to do a factory reset in a hassle-free manner.

However, if you still have some queries or doubts regarding it, feel confident in getting Brother printer support. The expert technicians are willing to resolve all your concerns immediately.