Brother Printer offline windows 10 issue? Know what to do!

It is definitely not a preferred situation to be in when brother printer offline windows 10 keeps on happening on a regular basis. Before proceeding to the troubleshooting methods, you need to make sure that the printer and the laptop/desktop are connected to the same wifi connection.

Once you check this, you need to verify whether your printer is in ‘use offline mode’ or not. In order to do it, open the settings and navigate to Devices then select Printers and scanners. Choose your printer and go to ‘open queue’. Ensure that ‘Use printer offline’ is not selected but if it is then uncheck it. This should pretty much solve your brother printer offline windows 10  issue. If it doesn’t, then continue reading to get rid of this problem.

Follow these steps before troubleshooting Brother Printer offline status

If your brother printer says offline then there are times when it can be easily fixed. Therefore, before trying the brother printer troubleshooting methods you can simply try these basic steps in order to fix the brother printer offline issue.


Check whether the printer is on or not


  • If you are not able to switch the printer on then make sure that it is connected to a power source and the electric plugin on
  • If you see a blank screen on the brother printer then it might be off. Your printer might be in sleep mode. Wake up your printer and then try to turn it on once it is out of the sleep mode
  • There are times when the printer is on but due to some error, it shows off. In that case, check the LCD screen for any errors like paper jams or low ink levels. You need to fix the specific error to resolve the issue.



Check if the brother printer is the default one or not


  • Press the Windows and R key together on the keyboard to open ‘Run’ and open the control panel by clicking ‘enter’
  • Select ‘Hardware and Sound’ and then go to ‘Devices and Printers’
  • Make sure that the brother printer has a green checkmark next to it


Check the connection between printer and system


  • If you are connected to the printer with the help of an Ethernet cable then ensure that the cable is linked to the router and the printer. If you require the IP address then kindly print a network configuration page for your reference.
  • In case of a USB cable, make sure that it is connected properly. If you think that there is some issue with the USB cable then you can also connect it directly rather than using a hub.
  • In terms of a wireless connection, use the network configuration page in order to get the IP address.



Remove the current printing jobs


  • In order to do it, you need to right-click on brother printer’s icon and open ‘see what’s printing’
  • Click on ‘cancel all documents’
  • If you see that ‘Cancel All Documents’ is in grey then you need to pick ‘Open as Administrator’. Enter your admin password and click on ‘Yes’ and then select ‘Cancel all documents’



Change printer status offline to online


  • If the printer status is offline then you need to get it online to resolve the error
  • Right-click on the printer’s icon and click on ‘see what’s printing’
  • If it says ‘use printer offline’ then open as an admin, enter your password and change it to ‘use printer online’
  • If it says ‘paused’ then use the above steps and change it to online easily



See if there is a paper jam or not


  • Check the rollers if there is any stuck paper or not and if there is then clean it carefully
  • In order to do it, turn the brother printer off and open it to take out the paper rollers
  • Clean them with a moist cloth and wait for them to dry before putting them back in the printer
  • Once it is clean, put it back and try to do a test print to see if the issue has been resolved or not

At least one of the above methods will help you to get your brother printer from offline mode to online mode that too without performing any troubleshooting methods. However, if they were of no use and your printer still says offline then there is no need to worry. You can try one of the ways listed below in order to fix the brother printer offline error. The ways are listed below for your reference.


Resolve brother printer offline windows 10 problem

If you keep on facing brother printer offline windows 10 error then you can try the following ways to fix it.


Method 1- Check the printing status


  • Switch off the printer and then turn it back on
  • Press Windows+I keys together in order to open the settings
  • Go to ‘Devices’ and from settings, choose ‘Devices and Printers’
  • Open the drop-down menu and choose ‘see what’s printing’
  • If you see a grey icon without a tick mark, right-click on it
  • You need to choose ‘Set as default printer’
  • If you see a tick mark next to pause printing or use printer offline
  • Try printing to see if brother printer offline windows 10is there or not


Method 2- Install the latest drivers

  • Go to start, open devices, and then go to the printer
  • Choose ‘add printer’ and when the dialog box opens up, click on ‘add a printer’ and select the brother printer
  • From the drop-down menu, choose a printer port
  • Add the driver from either the CD that came with the printer or by visiting the official website
  • Select the printer and install the latest drivers that are compatible with the printer
  • Click on ‘Finish’ once it is done and run a test print


Method 3- Check the printer’s network connection


  • Turn your printer off then on and wait for a while to let it get to the ready state
  • Next is – If the printer is connected with the help of a USB cable then make sure it is plugged in correctly and there is no issue with the USB port
  • If there is a wired connection then make sure that the Ethernet port is nicely linked to the printer and the router is in a working condition
  • If it is using a wireless connection then make sure that the internet connection is active
  • After checking everything, try to do a test print

If you are still not able to fix brother printer offline windows 10 then feel free to get in touch with us and the brother printer support experts will help you out in the best way possible.