Via Brother Printer Help learn to fix brother printer ink problem

Brother printers are one of the most commonly used printers all across the world. Due to their functional efficiency and high printing speed, these printers are widely demanded official as well as domestic usage. Brother printers are advanced and are also known for their precise as well as clear printing ability. On the other hand, due to regular usage or constant printing, you can stumble upon some issues with your brother printer.

Via Brother Printer Help learn to fix brother printer ink problem

If you use a Brother printer on regular basis, then at some point you might bump into its ink problem. Right after changing the ink cartridge, the printer displays an ink empty message. The reason for the occurrence of this error might be that your ink cartridge has leaked ink on the circuit board and thus causing a malfunction of the diode accountable for detecting ink level. Since the brother inks do not leak, this problem usually takes place when you are using third party ink replacements. However, with an aim to overcome this issue, you can take assistance from the expert of Brother Printer Help desk. They will surely provide you paramount as well as achievable solutions to resolve your error within a pinch of time.

As we all know, brother printers occasionally run into ink problems depending on how you utilize the printer. Whenever you find that the print quality is poor due to the error related to ink you can follow the below steps to clear out this issue.


Here are the steps to clean printer platen that is suffered due to ink problems: 


      Disconnect power cable or other attached cables from your brother printer.

  • Open the cover to take out printer platen and lock it in the open position.
  • By using a soft dry lint-free cloth, wipe the printer platen very carefully.
  • Insert the printer platen and close the printer cover
  • Reconnect all the connections and print a test page to see the print quality.


Hopefully, after following these steps your problem will be fixed, if not, then check the ink cartridge for low ink level or some damage.

  • If the ink cartridge is empty then change it with a new one.
  • In order to change an ink cartridge, you need to open the cover of your printer
  • Take out cartridges tray carefully
  • Look for the empty or damaged cartridge
  • Simply take out the faulty one and replace a new ink cartridge in its place


You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver to fix this issue. We assure you that after pursuing these steps, all types of ink problems will be resolved easily. To a certain extent, if you see printer ink problem continues, then we suggest you make a call at Brother Support Number at once. Here, you can ask an expert for additional technical assistance, if you are unable to resolve this issue on your own.