Easily Locate the WPS PIN Brother Printer and Link It to Your PC

Brother printers come in the category of one of the best printers. The printers enable users to perform different types of printing jobs. However, to begin the process of wireless printing, users must set up a connection between their computer and Brother printer.

The WPS PIN Brother printer is a unique PIN that you can find on this device or generate through the Wireless Set up Wizard. For it, it’s essential to verify the WPS pin of this printer. In this article, you will find how to locate this PIN through two methods.


WPS PIN Brother Printer

What is WPS PIN Brother Printer?

The WPS PIN on the Brother printer is a unique 8-digit PIN. It’s required to enable the printer to perform wireless printing. Generally, this PIN is coded with WPA or WPA 2 protocols. Hence, when you attempt to link the Brother printing device to a wireless connection, it will prompt you for a WPS PIN.

In the following sections, you’ll understand the location of the WPS PIN.


Where to Find WPS PIN on Brother Printer?

Many people are doubtful about the location of the WPS PIN on Brother printer. The method to locate it differs in touchscreen and non-touchscreen models of Brother printer.


1. Find WPS PIN for your Brother Printer

To find the WPS PIN for your printer, first ensure that the printing device is turned on. Now go through these steps below.

  • Hit the ‘Menu’ key on your printer. It is on the ‘Control Panel’ of the device.
  • Employ the Up and Down arrow buttons to choose ‘Network.’
  • After that, press the ‘OK’ key.
  • Select ‘WLAN’ through the Up or Down arrow buttons. Then hit the ‘OK’ key.
  • Now employ any arrow buttons to choose ‘WPS w/PIN.’ After that, press the ‘OK’ key.
  • You will notice an eight-digit PIN flashing on your screen. It is your WPS PIN Brother printer.
  • Now you must connect your device to the wireless network. For it, navigate to your computer’s browser. Once there, input http://acess point IP address. This IP address is present in the IP address of your registrar device.
  • Open ‘WPS Setting’ and input the eight-digit WPS PIN. You can note the PIN from your LCD screen.
  • Now adhere to the guidelines given on your computer screen to finish the setup process.


What to do if your registrar computer is a Windows Vista?

If you are someone whose registrar computer is a Windows Vista, you must first register the network. After that, follow these points.

  • Tap the ‘Network’ followed by ‘Add wireless device.’
  • Next, choose your printing device. After that, tap ‘Next.’
  • Now you can input the eight-digit WPS PIN Brother printer that you saw on the LCD.
  • Tap the network you desire to connect to. After that tap ‘Next.’
  • Now click ‘Close.’
  • You must find ‘Connected’ showing on the LCD. If it displays, it means your printer is linked to your network. But if it doesn’t display, you need to try linking it again.
  • Wait for a period of five seconds before you connect it again.


Find WPS PIN for touchscreen Brother Printer.

Are you the owner of a touchscreen printer model? If so, you might wonder where is the WPS PIN on my Brother printer. Go through the steps below to find the WPS PIN.

  • Make sure that you have turned on the printer. Tap ‘Menu’ on the printer.
  • Choose ‘Network.’ Then, select ‘WLAN.’
  • Tap the ‘WPS PIN Code.’
  • You will see an 8-digit PIN showing on the screen. It is the WPS PIN of your touchscreen Brother printer. However, if you don’t happen to see this PIN, it’s best to connect with Brother support. They will offer you the needed assistance.


How to Input a WPS PIN on Your Brother Printer?

By now, you must have received an answer to your question, where do I find WPS PIN on Brother printer. Now, you can start to link your printing device to the system by inputting the WPS PIN. Go through the steps below to do that.

  • Launch the settings on your Windows or Mac system.
  • Now, select the ‘Devices and Printers’ option.
  • Next, select the ‘Add a device’ option.
  • Locate your printer’s device name. When you get it, tap it.
  • When prompted to input the WPS PIN in the needed field, tap ‘Install.’
  • Wait for some time till the Brother printer connects to your system.



Frequently Asked Questions about WPS PIN Brother Printer


1. How to connect the Brother printer to WPS?

  • To connect your Brother printer to WPS:
  • Switch on your printer.
  • Press and hold the WPS button present on your router.
  • Hit the ‘Wireless Set up’ button on the rear of your printer for two seconds. The printer will begin finding the available networks.
  • Wait till you find the device in the ‘Ready’ state.


2. Are WPS PIN and Wi-Fi password the same?

No, they aren’t the same. WPS implies Wi-Fi Protected Setup. In contrast, you must enter the Wi-Fi password whenever you attempt to link to an access point. So, both these things are not the same.


3. Where is the eight-digit WPS PIN on my Brother printing device?

You can find the eight-digit PIN by first locating the ‘WLAN’ option. For it, use the ‘Menu’ of your printer. After you find the ‘WLAN’ option, click it. After that, choose ‘WPS w/PIN Code’ from the menu. Next, choose the ‘Network I/F switch to wireless.’ You will find the WPS PIN that’s eight-digit long on the screen.


Final Words

It can be pretty challenging for those new to using the Brother printer to locate the WPS PIN. But after reading this article, the process of finding it will seem more manageable. The WPS PIN on Brother printer allows you to link your printing device with your computer. When you know its location, you can easily use it for configuring your Brother printer Wi-Fi setup. If you need more help, feel free to connect Brother Printer Support with professional Brother technical support services. The experts will get you rid of all your doubts about it.