How to Troubleshoot Error Message “Print Unable 5a & 50?

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Fixing Error Message “Print Unable 5a & 50

Main Causes of Error Message “Print Unable 5a & 50-

While using it, you can face some kinds of technical errors such as Print Unable 5a & 50 error that can affect your printing quality and performance. To fix Print Unable 5a & 50, you can connect with printer experts through Brother printer support phone number to get complete technical resolutions instantaneously.

Troubleshooting Procedure of Fixing Error Message “Print Unable 5a & 50: –
  1. Initially, you need to unplug the printing machine from a power supply.
  2. Undone the front cover of the printing machine to access quickly the drum unit and toners.
  3. Catch the green handle labeled 1. Pull the handle up and pull the drum unit until it prevents.
  4. Next, you need to eliminate the toner cartridges tray just by using the handles.
  5. You must keep the toner cartridges in the clean area, flat surface under a disposable paper it. In the case you spill unexpectedly.
  6. Never use a rubbing action when eliminating a toner spill.
  7. Put the grey lever on the machine labeled2. Clasp the gear.
  8. Clutch the green handles marked 1 and 3. Pick up the front of the drum and slope away it from the device in order to eliminate it.
  9. Check carefully the interior of the machine and the bottom line of the drum unit to inspect foreign items or damaged parts. If you get something in your device, you need to clean it.
  10. If any portion of the drum to be damaged, hence no need to use it properly. The drum must be replaced to stop the damage to the printer itself. You go to the step 14.
  11. Then, you need to reinstall the drum unit just by sloping the drum upwards. Firstly, you need to put the rear of the drum unit in the device.
  12. Next, lower the grey handle marked two on the left side of the device.
  13. After this, you must reinstall the toners in the drum unit.
  14. Be careful to change them the right areas just by checking the toners colours at the pointer of the drum.
  15. Put the drum unit back into the device sensibly.
  16. After that, you need to connect the device to a power supply and switch on.
  17. Wait few minutes until the display shows “Ready”.

After completing all the steps, if you experience Error Message “Print Unable 5a & 50 again and again, you must replace the drum unit. It can happen because of drum unit damaged. Still, if you are facing this error, you can take brother printer help from certified printer experts available online round the clock. Printer experts will guide you properly in order to make your printer efficient and capable of working appropriately.

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