Take Brother Printer Help to reset toner cartridges in brother printer

Brother printers that have toner in preference to ink cartridges have high page yield of up-to 5000 pages from a single cartridge. However, before your toner is actually low, you may get low on toner message and your printer stops printing. The determination of low on toner by the printer is a mysterious process, yet override of this is possible by resetting the toner cartridge. To perform this task, you can also take Brother Printer Help and can use all of your toner and eventually save money.

Take Brother Printer Help to reset toner cartridges in brother printer

Inside the Brother Printer both toner cartridge and drum unit work together to generate a fine quality print. The toner cartridge is a type of container that has toner powder inside it and the drum unit is cylinder shaped container which is electrically charged that transfers toner powder to paper and thus create text and images. The toner cartridge is designed to fit into the drum unit and then both are installed as a one unit into your printer.

Now the Question arises, when do I need to replace a toner cartridge?

Whenever the quoted page yield or the estimated number of pages. You can print reaches to its maximum limit, then you need to replace toner cartridge. Your brother printer will let you know when is the time to replace the toner by showing toner low or replace toner message on display.

When on Earth, you see this message then instead of replacing toner cartridges try resetting it. By doing this you can again use cartridges as they are not fully empty. Take a look at the simple steps by which you can easily reset toner cartridges in brother printer.

Let’s begin the process:
  • Turn on the printer and then open the toner access door or drum unit door.
  • Here, you a message will pop-up on your screen that says ‘Cover is Open’.
  • Go to the ‘Reset Menu’ by pressing ‘Clear/Back’ button.
  • Scroll down to the reset options for your printer’s toner cartridges.
  • Choose the correct size and color of the toner cartridge that you want to reset and then hit OK.
  • Make sure that each cartridge must be reset separately. Now, press ‘1’ to reset.
  • Hit ‘Clear/Back’ button to exit from the menu and then close the printer’s door.

Optimistically, these steps will surely help you resetting toner cartridges in brother printer. Moreover, if you can’t perform these steps properly, then you need to dial Brother Printer Support Number and make connection with tech expert. Although, we strongly recommend users to buy only genuine brother drum units and toner cartridges. Each printer and its components are designed to work with each other in a way to get excellent quality and reliability.