Why Is My Brother Printer Not Connected To Wi-Fi? How Can I Fix It?

Brother Printer in the word is well-known for its quality printing and amazing features. Almost everyone uses Brother Printer for his/her home or office premises to complete personal or professional work soon. One fact about such a printing machine is, users can come across any problematic situation when printing documents.

Sometimes people struggling Brother Printer Not Connected issue due to different reasons. If you are also the one who is experiencing the same problem error, don’t get infuriated as we are providing here the entire effective solutions to fix this problem in quick without putting any effort. The solution is very clear and easy to understand. So, let’s begin to read the blog and fix the problem.


Instant Troubleshooting Guide For Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi Issue

If your Brother Printer Is Not Connected to a Wi-Fi network, don’t wag off! Here we have compiled the quick-fixing guide to annihilate it. So, let’s go through them step-wise:

  • First, you should review the username & password for your wifi network.
  • Delete the current wifi profile from your brother’s machine, and rejoin the network.
  • Let’s evaluate the distance between the printer and the computer. They should be within 10 meters of range.
  • Restart your computer, printer, and wifi router properly.
  • Make sure your printer driver is up-to-date.


Advance Solutions To Fix Brother Printer Not Connected To Wi-Fi Issue

Check out the list of advanced troubleshooting ways that are listed underneath and follow them one by one appropriately:


Solution 1: Check Your Wi-Fi Name And Password

check your wifi name and password

Brother Printer may not be connected at a point when you enter an invalid wifi network name or password. Therefore, in case your Brother Printer Not Connecting to the wifi, it means you have entered the wrong network credentials. You should check it once and also confirm that they are correctly inserted. Ensure that you are not repeating the same mistake. You may take a brief look at the wifi router admin panel and view the wifi details like- name, password, etc. If they are correct, Brother Printer will easily be connected and can give quality printouts. Skip this step if your problem is unsolved.


Solution 2: Reset The Network Name

If you can’t connect your Brother printer using the actual wireless credentials, don’t worry! You can reset the network settings on your printer, and then reconnect your printer to the wifi network. This time it will be connected properly and hence giving quality printouts in less effort. Here is what you should do about this:

  • First turn ON your Brother Printer
  • Press the menu or home button and go to the “Network” option using an up and down arrow, then press “OK”
  • Now select the reset network option using the down key, and hit “OK”
  • Press the “Yes” button on the notification

Once you successfully reset the Network Settings, you may begin the wifi setup process on your brother printer. Check out whether your brother printer is now been connecting to the wifi network or not. If yet Printer Is Not Connected, use the next solution.


Solution 3: Generate A New Wi-Fi Name And Password

If your Brother Printer Is Not Connected to the Wi-Fi network using the current network name or password, then despite pulling your hair create the new one. Here is how to do it:

  • First, try to open the router admin panel on your device
  • Go to the “Wireless Settings” tab
  • Delete the current wifi name, and type a new name
  • Now delete the current password, and type a new password
  • Finally, press the “Apply” button or click the “Save” button to save the changes

Once you save the changes, your printer may now be successfully connected to wifi with your new network credentials. If it is not yet, move to the next solution.


Solution 4: Locate Your Printer And Router Nearby

For successful connection strong signal is required. So, if Brother Printer Is Not connected, verify the signal strength. Make sure the printer is receiving good signals from the wifi router. If the network has weak wifi signals, it can cause the Brother Printer Not Connecting to the wifi problem. To get a strong signal, you should place your Brother Printer machine near your wifi access point. Then, attempt to connect your Brother machine to the wireless network. This time it will surely be connected. Jump to the next solution guide if yet the printer not connecting to wifi.


Solution 5: Use Push Button For Connection

After making the above changes, if your brother printer is still not connecting to the wifi network, then don’t feel helpless as you may use the WPS method to connect your printer to the wifi network. Below are the steps:

  • First, go to the Wi-Fi Settings section in the router admin panel, and then there press the “WPS” button on your router.
  • Now hold the wifi button on your printer for a couple of while and then release it.
  • Now leave your devices a free couple of minutes.
  • After that, your router can find the brother printer and allow it to connect to the wifi.

Go ahead with the next solution if the above-one is not enough beneficial for you.


Solution 6: Update The Printer Driver

If you are unable to connect your Brother printer to a wireless router, then this may be happening due to the old printer firmware. So, you have to ensure that the brother printer driver installed on your PC is up-to-date.


Solution 7: Factory Reset The Router

After making these changes by putting all your efforts, if yet Brother Printer Not Connected problem persists, then you are now suggested to perform the factory reset process on the router. Here is how:

  • Power-on your Router
  • Hold the “Reset” button on your router for a minute
  • Now release the button, and reboot your router once.

Once your router is powered up, you need to set up your router with the new network name and password, and then try to connect it with the printer to check if the problem solves or remains.


Solution 8: Reset The Brother Printer

The Brother Printer Is Not connected to wifi router will easily be solved when you factory reset your brother printer. To do that, follow the following guides:

  • Press the “Home” button and go to the “Setup”
  • Now choose the Reset option and choose the reset type as Factory Reset
  • Then, press the OK tab
  • Finally, you will see a notification; press the OK button to confirm it

Once your Brother Printer has been reset effectively, you need to reconfigure it, and then reconnect your printer to the wifi again. Now, you can connect the devices to your router without any hassle.


Brother Printer Is Not Connected? Contact To Tech-Savvy

So, the above are the productive solutions to fix the Brother Printer Not Connecting to wifi problem. Suppose you need any other help of Brother Printer Support, let us know. Our brother printer expert will help you in fixing this issue in a short while.

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