How to solve Common Brother LaserJet Printer Error Codes?

In the fast-growing printing technology, brother printer has become a latest printing machine. It has so many unique and latest features, so it has become the first choice of today users. While using brother laser jet printer, it stops working suddenly. It displays an error message, so you need to repair your machine.  These error messages are very annoying that need to resolve immediately. All brother printers’ error messages display on their LCD display and show “error code” followed by an action or an alphanumeric code. Brother Printer Support Phone Number is the best option for you to understand the error codes and get the right solutions for them. Online printer experts are also available to guide you step by step for such type of error codes.

How to Fix Paper Jamming Errors of Brother Printer?

Error Code-E50- Malfunction of fuser unit- How to Resolve it?

This error code occurs when the printer’s heat roller has damaged or destroyed.  To solve it, you have to switch off the device for five minutes and back on again. Leave it for few minutes and it may recover. If the error continues, you need to replace fuser unit.

Error Code51–  The laser unit is the essential part of the device which writes the information on the drum surface. This error code means that the laser beam does not identify. You need to switch off the machine and come back on again. If the error remains, the laser security flap can be faulty or the laser unit may need replacing.

Error Code S05: Error with data BusHow to get the best technical solutions?

This error code that actually means that the data transmission on the similar port has affected. The best way of resolving it that you need to reset the printing machine in the right ways.

Error Code ‘Machine Error’: Board Errors

A different error with a loud and endures beep on your printing machine. This technical error calls for an instant board replacement. The power supply could be of the possible cause, replacing the capacitors on the main board of the power supply will do the trick rightly. If you don’t have any idea how, you should take a help from certified technicians.

Error Message ‘Black Pages-

This error message shows that HVPS of your machine is at fault. It indicates that black pages are printed out. It may be possible that the other and ink cartridges run out of the ink. You need to replace following diodes such as D31, D33, D30 and D32 and keep jumper wire in its place.

Error Message “Check Paper Path”-

This error code has something to do majorly with the paper path. To fix this error, you have to pull out the paper hopper then clean the papers emit the rollers.

Error Message ‘Cutter Hitches- Best and Last Troubleshooting Solution

This error code shows that there is either a paper jam or the machine is not cutting the papers correctly. Apart from replacing the gear train, you have to check the printer cutter spring from any faults, so you can pull out the device and clean it properly. Apart from all these error codes, if you are facing any other error codes, you need to contact online Brother Printer Support team immediately. Printer experts will guide you step by step for any technical errors.