Via Brother Printer Support learn to fix Brother Printer Error 48

Brother printers are widely known for their astonishing features and outstanding printing service. But, still it is a machine, so we have to face some errors with this printer. Amongst the list of errors, there is error 48 which trouble us most. Brother Printer Error 48 usually crops up due to the defective print head cable and circuit boards. According to the Brother Printer Support experts, the encoder strip in the printer needs to be cleaned out properly by using a free cloth. When the encoder strip gets cluttered then there might be a number of issues which can arise while using Brother Printer.

Via Brother Printer Support learn to fix Brother Printer Error 48

The error message “unable to print 48” comes into view on the display due to one of the following reasons:

  • There is debris such as paper clip or ripped piece of paper is inserting in the machine.
  • Or having mechanical break-down

Now, look at the steps to troubleshoot the brother printer error 48. Please follow these steps in the given order for quick solution:

Make use of “Reimage Repair Tool”
  • Firstly, download the Reimage repair tool from a trusted link.
  • Save this file to the desktop so that you can have easy access to the file.
Navigation process
  • When the downloading gets complete, just look for your downloaded file and tap or double-click on it.
  • Now, it will start the installation procedure.
  • After that in the user account control section, it will ask you to whether you wish to run the program or not.
  • Simply click on yes button to continue.
Launching the program
  • On initial launch of the installation of this program, it will display a welcome screen.
  • Allow the repair tool to start automatic scan by leaving the checkbox as un-ticked.
  • After that, click on the install button to launch the installation process.
Download necessary updates
  • Reimage repair tool will now install automatically on the computer. After that, it will start downloading all the necessary updates itself, depending on the available internet connection.
Scan Process
  • The preliminary scan process of the printer will start automatically by the tool itself to accurately determine the health of the user’s PC.
Repairing stage
  • When the scanning gets complete then this tool will let you know about which areas of the PC are damaged and if there is a repair needed. If the repair is required, then you are asked to click on the start repair button.
Restart the Printer
  • After Reimage repair tool completed its processing then you need to restart the computer for complete the process.

After pursuing above steps, you will be able to resolve Brother Printer error 48. However, if the error 48 still persists and you get Brother Printer Offline error message, then you need to take help from an expert. At brother printer support these professionals are available all the time to solve customer’s queries.