How To Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02

Every user when buy printing machine, their main motto is to get the quality printouts of any documents. So, when we talk about quality based printing service, Brother Printer is been preferable as it has unique and advanced features that make the print job very easy. While few errors may also take place during printing from your Brother Printer. Brother Error TS-02 is the one most common error many users have confronted during their print job and raised a voice of assistance to fix it. This specific error issue appears when the WLAN access point or router cannot be detected by the system while printing. You don’t need to wag-off; we are here to guide you to deal with such a problematic error code in an effortless manner.


Reasons Why Facing Brother Printer Error TS-02

Numerous possible reasons that could be causing Brother Error TS-02 are listed below. Let’s have a glimpse:

  • Damaging a windows system file can cause such an error code TS-02
  • Due to corruption of system files
  • Incomplete or inappropriate installation of the printer driver
  • Improper or incomplete deletion of any hardware from operating device

When you receive Brother Printer Error TS-02 due to any of these causes, you have to keep calm and read the blog-post. Here, your problem will be solved in a short span.


Productive Solution To Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02

Step-by-step troubleshooting procedures of Brother Error TS-02 are mentioned underneath. So, in spite of looking here and there, keep your eyes feast on the given noted points:

Step 1:

  • First, you will have to check the connectivity of the printer with the WLAN access point/router


Step 2:

  • In the next step, you need to connect to the Internet connection with the use of system’s built-in wireless LAN to ensure that the WLAN access point/router works properly
  • You must have uninterrupted internet connectivity with great speed.
  • As poor internet connection won’t establish the WLAN access point/router for printing wirelessly and even will never eliminate Brother Error TS-02.


Step 3:

  • After having a high-speed net connection, you must shift the printer device to a barrier-free area or place nearest to the WLAN access point/router. Once do this, you will get better network connectivity when configuring wireless settings. No interruption will be held while configuration for sure.
  • Make sure there is no such obstruction in the place so that the connection can be established without any intrusion.
  • Generally, place the Brother printer within 3.3 ft of the distance from the WLAN access point.


Step 4:

  • Check whether the WLAN access point/router is using the MAC address filtering or not as it must be using. Once you are confirmed this, then make sure the MAC address of the Brother printer is allowed in the filter.
  • You can however find the MAC address from the Network Configuration List.


Step 5:

  • Brother printer should be using radio signals in the range of 4 GH. In case the range is high or the range of radio signal is 5 GH, great chances are there to be an appearance of Brother Printer Error TS- 02.


Step 6:

  • You can use the Setup Wizard option from the Control Panel of your Brother printer.
  • For this, you have visit the “Control Panel” section and then go to Setup Wizard of your printer
  • Then, mention the standard radio signal there so that you can experience uninterrupted printing from your Brother Printer.


Step 7:

  • Although, reconfirmation of the SSID is a more efficient way to eradicate any printing issue or error
  • Often the manually given security information and SSID are incorrectly stored in the system for which the interruption caused by the error TS-02
  • Therefore, you have to re-enter the proper and correct SSID information
  • Before proceeding ahead, you have to re-confirm the SSID and security information
  • After completing the process re-open your Brother printer
  • First, you need to turn off the printer and then turn it back ON by pressing the power button and also restart the computer and all the devices at a time to check whether the issue yet persists or has resolved
  • If the error is still visible, contact deft connoisseurs without any further delay


Access The Link For Instant Help

In case Brother Error TS- 02 is unfortunately not exterminated until now, don’t worry! Try to access the link by sitting at your home. On this page, you can see the most relevant and easiest remedy of Brother Printer Error TS- 02. A helpline number is also noted so, you can make a direct connection to dexterous technicians for your related problem. They are skilled and knowledgeable so within a limited time period, the error TS-02 will get sorted out completely.