Printing high resolution images or documents is the specialty of Brother printer. Definitely, you will get the best output from your print machine. But sometimes, you may come across an error where your printer won’t print anything. Therefore, when the printer suddenly declines to print, postponements and operation problems occurs. Here are some fixes that you can do when your Brother printer not printing from your PC.If you are getting any problem performing these steps or facing any other problem related to your Brother Printer, contact Brother Printer Support. Experts will get to you and ask you for your problem.

What are the effective ways to deal with Brother printer not printing(1)

Why is Brother printer not printing?

There are a number of reasons why your Brother printer does not print. This usually includespaper jam, insufficient toner levels, inner jams or worn outs or outmoded printer drivers.

How to fix Brother printer problems?

Examine your printer’s power source
  • When your printer has adequate power, the LED lights are lit.
  • A fixed LED light on the power button specifies that the printer is on.
  • When the error lights are blinking, it specifies printer error. Test the icon/button that signals an error. It is a paper or toner error.
  • Examine your power outlet or attach the power cord again if no lights is connect with it. By just unplugging and again plugging the power cord you can resolve most of the printer errors.
Examine the connection between your printer and PC
  • Examine if the connection between your PC and printer is safe. Attach it again if needed.
  • Validate if the PC is ideally connect with the printer. Go to your PRINTERS and DEVICES and hit your Brother printer model.
  • Test status, if it is set as a default printer. If it is not, add the printer and keep it as your main printer.
  • Ensure that the access point and router are linked by PC and printer. Examine the Ethernet cable and accomplish access point settings.
  • Now, check if the printer status is offline, paused, or not set as default.
Test if the printer driver is updated
  • If the printer driver is outdated or obsolete, it can cause several printer errors.
  • Upgrade your printer by downloading the advanced version from-
  1. Downloaded utility driver
  2. Visiting Brother support website
Do a cold reset
  • If everything looks to be okay but the Brother printer not printing from your PC, you have to perform a cold reset.
  • A cold reset or network factory default setting erases all the archives and current settings. Hence, it is best to do a backup before going for this solution.
What to do if I am unable to get the desired result?

If still, the problem persists, talk with the experts to get rid of brother printer not printing issue. Just dial Brother Printer Phone Number and get the 24*7 service.

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