How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Print Black Issue?

Brother Printers are the best printing devices and reliable and if used regularly and rightly, some kinds of technical errors will take place. Brother printers work well with generic ink cartridges, indeed there must be totally no difference in both operation and print quality using non-genuine cartridges. Sometimes while using brother printer, you can face brother printer won’t print black. To fix this error, you can get Brother Printer Support services from certified printer experts.

How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Print Black?


Main Technical Reasons for Brother printer won’t print black

There are a few scenarios that can prevent your brother printer from printing in black. Here are a few main technical causes including a few important things to check before handling the situation. You must remember all technical issues that will start, while a new cartridge has installed.

1. Make sure that, “Brother Tape” on the top of the cartridge has completely removed

Shipping tape or brother tape should remove before installing the cartridge. If it removes fully, ink seems vacuum sealed in the cartridge and it will not appear under any circumstances.


2. Check that you install a fresh cartridge well before it runs dry

When your printing machine begins warning you that the black cartridge is getting very low and should replace it’s ok to keep printing for a short period of time but not for too long. If you try to print too long and ink runs very low, you will begin stating into the print nozzle. When air begins to get into to Nozzle or the lines going to the nozzle, then printing machine will prevent printing in black. It cannot completely prevent and you may receive lines through the printing. It shows that some of the nozzles have blocked but not all of them.

3. Using Low Quality Generic Ink Cartridges

Brother printers use accurate inks in their printing machine to perform rightly with their own printing machines. Due to the enormous availability of generic cartridges, there is a big difference in the quality between one generic ink and another. If the viscosity of the ink is not accurate and same to brother inks, different technical issues can happen. Printer inks have different chemicals that stop the ink from drying. It doesn’t affect them drying on the actual paper but it stops from drying out in the printing machine itself.

4. Effective Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Brother printer won’t print black problem

We think that the prevention is better than cure, so you try to abide by the following recommendations and ignore the error from occurring.


 5. Print Daily When Brother printer won’t print black

By printing daily, there is ink regularly flowing through the print head that assists to stop ink from sitting in the nozzle and drying out and blocking the finest print nozzles.


6. Use Top Quality Generic Cartridges

As explained formerly a top quality generic cartridge will use a quality ink that formulates to both produce top quality printouts and a right viscosity and chemical formula that will not block the print nozzles.


7. Check that the printer isn’t in a hot position

If brother printer is located near a windows or any other warm location, it is far possibly that ink may congeal inside the print head while not in use. Just by moving the printing machine to a cooler location, it may stop the errors from occurring. Thereby by following all these steps, you can fix brother printer won’t print black fully from the origin. Still, if you are experiencing this error, you can get online Brother Printer Offline from certified printer experts.

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