Learn How To Connect Brother Printer To WiFi successfully

It is required to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi because without an internet connection, you can’t install the printer driver. And without having a printer driver on your computer, you can’t print. So, if you don’t know How To Connect Brother Printer To Wifi in order to make a WiFi connection between your Brother Printer and your computer, just take Brother Printer Help. You will surely come to know the entire method in the easiest form.


Connect Brother Printer to WiFi


Once you connect your Brother printer to wifi, you can enjoy printing from anywhere even also from your mobile. With the help of a USB cable, Brother Printer can also be configured for a wireless network to take your computer on the network. Before establishing a connection, you are required to have a password and the network name. So, keep these requirements in your hand so that you can enter them when it is asked to give in.


Steps To Connect Brother Printer To Wifi

  • First of all click on the “Control Panel” and then give a click on the “Menu” button
  • Choose “All Settings” from the list of those multiple options
  • Scroll the mouse to go to “Network” and then press “OK”
  • Now, go to “Network Reset”, and then press “OK”
  • Press ‘1’ to say yes and again press “1” to confirm the reboot
  • Now the Brother printer will reboot
  • Once the rebooting process is completed, it will ask you to ‘Setup WI-FI’
  • Now press the ‘OK’ button three times simultaneously to launch the ‘Setup Wizard’
  • Choose your ‘WI-FI Network’ from the list
  • Now enter the Wi-Fi password
  • Then press ‘OK’ and press ’1’ to apply settings
  • You will get a connection ok report. Then it will print automatically to let you know your Brother Printer now connected to WIFI


Hence, you have seen here the procedures of How to connect brother printer to WiFi in a detailed format. So, do not waste your time wandering here and there for help. Just contact the team of Brother Printer Support via dialing the helpline number. You will get handy remedies within the least time of interval as they are talented and have much experience.

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